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JiShule -: Desktop & Web Version

Helping schools grow efficiently

JiShule empowers Educators to build fast-growing, efficient, and stress-free schools, by combining all tools necessary for running a modern school into one platform that is simple, flexible, and reliable.


    JiShule is simple and intuitive. The intuitive interface negates the need for constant training and maximises usage.

    Sms & Mail Automated

    JiShule is integrated with SMS & Email engines which submit results to parents instantly at the end of academic terms preventing results alteration by students. These engines also communicate easily with parents, staff and other departments. In addition, they enhance digital marketing of the institution.


    Every school is different. JiShule is designed to support schools of all sizes and structure, with customizable grading, report card systems and much more.


    JiShule is built with the latest technological tools, standards and platforms, guaranteeing security, speed and a 99.99% uptime.

JiShule For Teachers & Schools

JiShule features are geared towards reducing workload while increasing efficiency.


  •   Reduced workload, resulting in massive time savings for entire staff.
  •   Instantly-generated reports from exams, tests, and attendance scores.
  •   Better insight into, and control over school activities with easy and fast access to school records.
  •   Elimination of human error and fraud.
  •   Increased revenue from online fees payment.
  •   Reduced cost due to savings on paper use.
  •   Promotion of a technology-oriented culture